Initial Design Ideas

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Initial Design Ideas by Mind Map: Initial Design Ideas

1. 2 Different Stands

1.1. 1 for Arriel 1 and the other for Arriel 2

1.2. Will need atleast two for each standeach as there could be more than one module 3 in the maintenance center at a time

1.2.1. Expensive

1.2.2. Uses a lot of material

1.2.3. Takes up space Would need to sort out storage

2. 1 Adjustable Stand

2.1. Would need to have an adjustable part so it can be used for both engines

2.2. Difficult to design

2.3. Requires more components

2.3.1. Makes it more complex

2.4. Would require assembly

3. V shaped Stand which accommodates both engine types

3.1. One solid stand

3.2. Might obstruct inspection

3.3. Would use least amount of material