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1. How did the structures of Aboriginal societies affect decision making in each society (i.e., role and status of women, consensus building)?

1.1. Iroquois: The role for some of the women in the iroquois was to be clan mothers and pick the chiefs for their tribe.

1.2. Ojibwe: Men and women were equal in the community, and they each specific roles they had to fulfill. Women took care of the children and looked after their shelters.

1.3. Mi’kmaq: Women were considered a portal to the spirit world, so men support the women in a protective role. Since the women were the life-givers, their opinions were considered important. Women were considered equal in terms of voicing their opinions, because they were the life-givers, and they opinions balanced out the male’s opinions.

2. Lembaga lembaga Tinggi Negara

2.1. Lembaga negara adalah lembaga pemerintahan atau ”Civilizated Organization” dimana lembaga tersebut dibuat oleh Negara dari Negara dan Untuk Negara dimana bertujuan untuk membangun negara itu sendiri. Tugas umum lembaga negara antara lain :

2.2. a. Menciptakan Suatu lingkungan yang kondusif, aman, dan harmonis b. Menjadi badan penghubung antara negara dan rakyatnya c. Menjadi sumber inspirator dan aspirator rakyatnya. d. Memberantas tindak pidana korupsi, kolusi, dan nepotisme e. Membantu menjalankan roda pemerintah negara

3. What were the social and economic factors of European imperialism?

3.1. Cash: They set up colonies so they could claim the resources (furs) and sell them.

3.2. Competition: They were often at war with each other competing over land and resources.

3.3. Christianity: They were almost all christens. They believed that there was only one true faith and that was christianity.

3.4. Curiosity: The europeans would always wonder if there was more out there to be explored.

4. In what ways did European imperialism impact the social and economic structures of Aboriginal societies?

4.1. They took away more land from the aboriginals using military force. As a result making the Aboriginal area/space smaller/lesser.

5. How was European imperialism responsible for the development of Acadia, New France and British settlements?

6. What roles did the Royal Government and the Catholic Church play in the social structure of New France (i.e., governor, intendant, Jesuits, religious congregations)?

6.1. Governor: The most powerful person in the sovereign council. They were the kings personal representative.

6.2. Intendant: The second most important person was the intendant. The intendant was in charge of every day problems.

6.3. Jesuits: An order of missionaries who came to north america to convert first nations people to catholic religion.

6.4. Religious congregation: Most of the french were catholic.

7. What role did the British government play in the settlement of North America?

8. Who were the key figures in the British exploration and settlement of North America?

8.1. -John Cabot - King Charles - John Guy - Henry Hudson - Walter Raleigh - Henry Kelsey - Anthony Henday

9. Who were the key figures in the French exploration and settlement of North America?

9.1. - Sammel de champlain - Jacques Cartier - King Louis XIV - Pierre de monts - Rene' Robert cavalier de la salle