Crime and Violence In The United States

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Crime and Violence In The United States by Mind Map: Crime and Violence In The United States

1. A well-developed conscience without a strong conscience, a person's innate aggressiveness takes over and leads to crime (white collar criminals )

2. The amount of crime and violence depends greatly on how we bring up our children.

3. A criminal is someone who is not adequately socialized or one who isn't afraid of the punishment he or she might receive for a crime.

4. Society curbs aggressiveness and potential violence in two ways by socializing us and if that fells by punishing us.

5. Most people who grow up as part of the underclass that is those in poor inner-city settings do not become criminals. Moreover there are people from Rich families with all the benefits of society who do become violent criminals.

6. The existence of an underclass in US Society lends support to this liberal theory of crime.

7. Criminals are alienated from society because they have been deprived of the benefits that most Americans have.

8. If a person commits a crime, society is to blame because society shortcomings are the cause of the criminal behavior.

9. +The family can play a role in reducing crime in the United States through socialization. +Government has a role to play in reducing crime by overcoming the alienation of the underclass, helping these people to feel they are part of a society instead of its victims, instilling the fear of punishment in those who might become criminals.

10. The second theory: People are basically aggressive by nature

11. The first theory: People are good by nature

12. Violent crime fell 52%. 1994: 51 victims of violent crime/1000 people. 2001: dropped to 24/1000

13. Violent crimes decreased in the US (1994 - 2001)

14. Two theories of crime that are based on one's feeling about the nature of human beings

15. Solutions to the problem of crime in The US