The Muscular System

The Muscular System

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The Muscular System by Mind Map: The Muscular System

1. Skeletal Muscle

1.1. Receives nerve signals from the brain to produce movement

1.1.1. Gets signal at neuromuscular junctions Neuromuscular: pertaining to or affecting both nerves and muscles.

1.1.2. Sent to many muscles, more than one is required to move a part of the body signals travel down channels into the cell, helping with the contraction of muscles

1.2. A tendon connects the muscle to the bone

1.2.1. Connects to the a collagenous outer covering of SM under this, muscle fibers are grouped in bundles called fasciles

1.3. Voluntary system

1.3.1. conscious effort to move

2. Smooth Muscle

2.1. Made of sheets/strands of SM cells

2.2. Contracts by autonomous nervous system

2.2.1. without conscious effort

2.3. Found lining the circulatory system, digestive tract, veins, and arteries

2.3.1. monitors/controls the blood pressure and oxygen flow in body, propels food in digestive tract

3. Cardiac Muscle

3.1. Heart muscle

3.2. Special cell junction, contract quickly and repetitively

3.2.1. Pumps blood throughout body

3.3. Between two layers of the heart

3.4. Nerves sent to contract from autonomous nervous system

3.4.1. Same as smooth muscle

4. Other Facts

4.1. Gluteus Maximus = largest muscle

4.2. 13 facial muscles

4.2.1. creates facial expressions

4.3. Stapedius = smallest muscle (in inner ear)