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Hockey by Mind Map: Hockey

1. Rules of the game

1.1. The main world body that directs ice hockey is the International Ice Hockey Federation, 2 whose regulations apply to international competitions and major European championships. However, its influence in North America is less, since the regulations established by the National Hockey League apply there. The differences between the two problems are minor.

2. Game duration

2.1. Each hockey game consists of three periods of 20 minutes each, and separated by two intervals of 5 minutes each. 25 It is only counted as playing time when the puck is in motion, and the clock stops each time The disc stops. This can happen when the referee signals a foul, a goal is scored or the puck leaves the field. There is a judge who takes care of the game time, known in English as game timekeeper. The team is entitled to a dead time of 30 seconds per period. If after these three times there is a tie, we proceed to play a five-minute extension to sudden death, in which the first team to score a goal wins (similar to the gold goal that was applied in football)

3. Faults

3.1. The fouls in hockey are distinguished in different ways by blows, out of place, fights, location, etc. Which are: Infractions, minor and serious penalties.

4. Implements

4.1. In hockey objects are used which are mandatory when playing since these are indispensable in the development of the game which are: Skates, rubber disc, long cane, attack protection

5. Players

5.1. The members of the hockey teams are 6 (1 goalkeeper and 5 players) It is driven by goals


6.1. 1.- And what is the stick supposed to be called? 2.- I forgot if I had to take the stick with the left first or right. Do I have to take the stick with the left first or right? 3.- If I hit someone secretly, will they penalize us points? 4.- I don't feel the legs ... 5.- I will wear three layers of protection and nobody will be able to hit me. 6.- I have never been so crouched so long. 7.- You need, shin guards, lip protection, firm shoes, long socks ... (An endless list of implements) 8.- It's not that I'm playing badly, my sitck is weird.