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1. What follows for Falcao on arrival at Galatasaray

1.1. Falcao got engaged for three seasons with Galatasaray. Different sources close to the case point to a salary of 16 million euros for three years, eight of them in the first season. "It is time for me to leave Monaco," said the player on the French Ligue 1 club's website, before recalling the "great joys both in sports and in the field of personnel."

1.2. Falcao will compete in the Champions League with Galatasaray and will oppose Paris SG and Real Madrid in Group A. Arrived in Monaco in June 2013 from Atlético de Madrid for 60 million euros, the ‘Tigre’ played 108 games and scored 65 goals in Ligue 1. After a serious knee injury in January 2014 and after having lost as a result the World Cup in Brazil, he was assigned to Manchester United for the 2014-2015 academic year and to Chelsea the following campaign, unable to show his entire class in The English championship Back in the Principality, Monaco conquered Ligue 1 and reached the semifinals of the Champions League.

2. Elections in Bogota

2.1. The campaign in the capital is just beginning. Claudia López had been winning in the polls, but Carlos Fernando Galán surpassed her for the first time and Miguel Uribe and Hollman Morris stand firm. In the Guarumo for Time measurement the competition is tighter. One month after the elections, nothing is written.

2.2. With the passing of the months, the campaign was tightening. The candidate of the Green Alliance continues in most of the polls, but the advantage that led to her contenders has been shortened, and this week, for the first time, Galán surpassed her. The results of the last Yanhaas-RCN survey show that the Bogota candidate for the People has a voting intention of 31 percent, while the representative of the Green Alliance reaches 24 percent. Meanwhile, Miguel Uribe has 12.9 percent and Hollman Morris 9.6.

2.3. One month after the elections, the cabals begin. One of Claudia's biggest electoral advantages was the tie between Galán and Uribe Turbay in the intention to vote. When Galán moves away from the lot, he can produce a migration of anti-Claudia votes from Uribe's followers. But the same can happen with Morris' left-wing votes towards Claudia. However, many surveys and many days to draw conclusions are missing. In these elections nothing is written yet and it is difficult to bet who will take the reins of the country's capital in the next four years.

3. Rearmament of the FARC

3.1. Iván Duque denounces the Venezuelan government for "narcoterrorist" at the UN

3.2. The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, has described the Chavez government of Venezuela as a “narcoterrorist” during his speech on Wednesday before the UN General Assembly. Duque has shown a report that states that there is evidence of the support that “the brutal dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro” lends to the guerrilla of the National Liberation Army (ELN), to FARC dissidents and to drug cartels. “It is time to call things by name: the Venezuelan dictatorship is another link in the chain of transnational terrorism; their corrupt structures are serving the drug cartels, their bishops are mafia minions and they feed violence in Colombia, shelter murderers and child rapists and want to completely ignore any norm, ”he said from the General Assembly rostrum , in a speech whose major part has been dedicated to questioning Chavismo.

3.3. My government has strong and convincing evidence that corroborates the support of the dictatorship for criminal and narcoterrorist groups operating in Venezuela to attack Colombia," Duque continued, showing a 128-page dossier that has sent the secretary general and the president of the UN General Assembly. According to the president, the evidence included in the report demonstrates "the complicity of the Nicolás Maduro regime with the terrorist cartels that attempt against the Colombian people."