Laughter chapter 2 & 3

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Laughter chapter 2 & 3 by Mind Map: Laughter chapter 2 & 3

1. Gloria laughing at her boss being upset her daughter wants independence

1.1. Gloria wants independence from the caring of her child

2. Gloria has mutually beneficially relationship with boss; pay higher, full time, emotional support

2.1. worked as almost a slave before to provide for her children; only for a few dollars a day

2.1.1. still was fond of her previous employers; lent her money in times of emergency

3. having a domestic worker for you is a class marker and necessity to show how you are higher class

3.1. being incompetent in chores and cooking is a sign of class

4. Gloria's childhood growing up on a farm working for the family since she was young and without basic utilities was not unlike slavery

4.1. at that time workers could not eat what employers did, but today workers eat what their employers eat which is said with pride

5. Domestic work associated with dark skin and dirty work

5.1. yet there is an affection between employer and worker that can be tied from slavery times

6. Division of spaces by class and race to increase the whiteness of Rio

6.1. the mixed population of Brazil was a problem for elites trying to show Brazil as a civilized nation

7. Gloria could not treat Beth's (boss) daughter in law with same attitude because she was so much like Gloria, but didnt know how to cook which really upset Gloria

7.1. Gloria didn't want to recognize privilege through marriage and only through light skin and privilege heritage

8. Beth helped Gloria's daughter after she became pregnant and even let her live with her, but this annoyed Gloria because her hard work was being paid in the caring of her grandchild instead of direct payment

9. Racism is an uncomfortable topic in Brazil

9.1. no civil rights movement, so racism not really believed to be a problem when it very much is

9.2. no legal racial divides, very mixed population

9.3. poverty still considered class problem not race problem

9.4. structure of racism that exists is very indirect and hard to challenge

9.5. blackness still associated with ugliness, dirty work and slavery; black pride not really a thing

10. Race seems to be such an advantage in the shanty towns

10.1. in reality, race doesn't really help advancing out of shanty towns

11. Goal of women is to seduce rich white man to become wealthy

12. Mulata extremely sexualized