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My Professional Learning Network by Mind Map: My Professional Learning Network

1. Analogue Resources

1.1. Hands on student resources

1.1.1. Excursion opportunities Harry Perkins excursion Dryandra bushland excursion Kinds park excursion Scitech excursion

1.1.2. My personal resources Worksheets Manipulatives Assessments

1.2. Teaching resources

1.2.1. State Library resources Book collections

2. Digital Resources

2.1. Websites

2.1.1. Lesson plans Teacher's Net Teacher Planet

2.1.2. Teaching blogs Teaching resources State Library eResources: Amy Brown Science

2.1.3. Teaching games Chemistry Colorado - Balancing Chemical Equations CK-12 Chemistry Sims Physics CK-12 Physics Sims The Physics Classroom Interactives PhET Simulations Quizzes Plickers Kahoot

2.1.4. Student work Mind and concept mapping software mind meister Lucid chart Edublogs

2.2. Authentic science reading

2.2.1. News articles Science News Science News for Students Science Daily The Guardian - Science news ABC - Science news Using news in the science classroom

2.2.2. Simple papers Science Journal for kids

2.3. Videos

2.3.1. Youtube My teaching and science videos

2.3.2. Dailymotion

3. Relationships

3.1. University

3.1.1. Practicum schools

3.1.2. Volunteering

3.1.3. Relationships with university peers

3.1.4. Practicum Supervisors Mentor Second mentor First mentor

3.2. Social

3.2.1. Friends

3.2.2. Family

3.2.3. Organisations Salvos Stores

3.3. School

3.3.1. Science staff

3.3.2. Wider community

3.3.3. Parents/guardians

4. Professional development

4.1. St. John's

4.1.1. First aid

4.1.2. Mental health

4.2. Government organisations and documents

4.2.1. SCSA and ACARA Australian Curriculum Assessment

4.2.2. Melbourne declaration

4.2.3. National tests NAPLAN OLNA

4.2.4. Department of Education Leap program Jobs WA

4.2.5. TRBWA

4.3. Professional Organizations

4.3.1. SSTUWA

4.3.2. STAWA

4.4. Legislation

4.4.1. Disability legislation Disability Standards for Education 2005

4.4.2. Duty of Care

4.4.3. Mandatory reporting

4.4.4. Guides Teachers, students and the law

4.5. Continued education

4.5.1. CREST

4.5.2. FAPSA