Animals and the food system: (Developing Transformative Governance Arrangements)

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Animals and the food system: (Developing Transformative Governance Arrangements) by Mind Map: Animals and the food system: (Developing Transformative Governance Arrangements)

1. Consumption and Cultures of Consumption

1.1. Sustainable Dietary Guidelines

1.1.1. "Protein" - why this macronutrient focus and implications/ national dietary guidelines/debates following lancet

1.2. Food labels

1.2.1. Animal welfare claims

1.2.2. Environmental claims associated with animal products

1.2.3. Food descriptors (e.g. "meat" and "milk")

1.2.4. Supply chain certification standards

1.2.5. Marketing claims e.g. "natural" "traditional"

2. Worker-led change (?)

2.1. Interviews with workers(?)

2.2. Working conditions- Abattoir and meat processors

3. Political-led change

3.1. Discourse analysis of media/parliament representations

3.2. Implications of restricting assemblies etc.

4. Concepts and areas of law/research

4.1. Conceptual dimensions

4.1.1. Animal ethics

4.1.2. Human Rights Law

4.1.3. Eco-feminism (?)

4.1.4. Holism

4.1.5. Varieties of capitalism(?)

4.1.6. Ecological, instrumental and responsive regulation

4.1.7. Food systems

4.1.8. "Lock in"

4.2. Relevant areas of law

4.2.1. Environmental

4.2.2. Intellectual Property

4.2.3. International trade

4.2.4. Food law and food standards Meat Processing Licenses/standards

4.2.5. Competition and Consumer Laws

4.2.6. Private property

5. Transforming Production

5.1. Investment and Innovation

5.1.1. Cell-cultured or plant-based "alternatives"

5.1.2. R&D into animal agriculture - e.g. GM that alters cow gut bacteria

5.1.3. Ecological-based alternatives / breaking "lock in"

5.1.4. Divestment movement

5.2. Nature & Pollution

5.2.1. Will show the instrumental approach well

5.2.2. Manure may be a good resource to focus on in particular- shows the lack of a closed loop well + weird way law responds

5.2.3. Link to antibiotic resistance

5.3. Animal welfare

5.3.1. International trade law

5.3.2. Animal welfare in Brexit debates (?)