Solar System

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Solar System by Mind Map: Solar System

1. Switch board

1.1. Circuit breakers

2. Battery

3. Panels

3.1. Types

3.1.1. Monocrystaline Colour: Dark black Oldest and most developed More expensive Higher efficiencies Electricity production falls as the temperature goes up Generally thought as Premium Solar Product

3.1.2. Polycrystaline Colour: Signature light / Dark blue Newer technology Lower price point Less efficient Also referred to as “multi-crystalline,” or many-crystal silicon

3.2. Definitions

3.2.1. Other names: PV (PhotoValtaic) Solar Panels

3.2.2. Dimension: 1.6 x 0.9 Meters

3.3. Size

3.3.1. Hello Solar Current Offer 300 Watt

3.3.2. Common Size 275 - 330 Watt

4. Inverters

4.1. Converts Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) power

4.2. Types

4.2.1. String Inverter Cheaper Common System level conversion

4.2.2. Micro Inverter More expensive More Solar power generated Greater energy saving DC-AC conversion happens on the panel level

4.3. Size

4.3.1. Domestic 1.5KW 2KW 3KW 4KW 5KW

4.3.2. Commercial

4.3.3. The maximum size of a converter is exactly 30% more from the written capacity. Example: 2KW inverter -> 2.6KW

5. Grid Line

5.1. Grid-Tied

5.1.1. Dependent to the power grid

5.1.2. If there is a blackout then the solar also will be off

5.2. Off Grid

5.2.1. Self Sufficient energy like generator

5.2.2. Can be used in remoted area

5.3. Hybrid

5.3.1. The combination between grid-tied and off grid

5.3.2. Expensive

5.3.3. Less expensive than the off grid

5.3.4. Smart solar, open for invention

5.4. Also called Transformer

6. System size

6.1. Amount of panels X Panel capacity

7. Clean Energy Council (CEC)

7.1. Peak Body for clean energy industry

7.1.1. Private

7.2. Non profit and member based organisation

7.3. Doesn't sell solar or batteries or doing door knock sale

7.4. Solar Accreditations

7.4.1. Installer and Designer

7.4.2. More than 5800 accredited installer and designer

7.5. List of Approved Panels

7.6. List of Approved Inverters

8. Retail Process

8.1. Customer

8.1.1. Approval Instalations Inspection Installation need to be done by accredited installer to get a rebate from government Normally takes 8 hours Give the National Meter Identifier to get Document Approval

8.1.2. Nearmap

8.1.3. Quote including the government rebate

9. Installation

9.1. Nearmad will be the tool that we use to make a solar design mockup

9.2. Done by CEC Accredited Installer

9.2.1. Installer need to get all the serial for panels and inverter/s All the serial number need to be verified with Clean Energy Council (CEC)

9.2.2. After the installation completed, take the photos

9.3. Normally takes 8 hours

9.4. Let the energy company know about installation completion to get energy bill discounts