Impacts of Railroads on humanity

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Impacts of Railroads on humanity by Mind Map: Impacts of Railroads on humanity

1. Politically

1.1. power of states grew substantionally

1.1.1. government decided where to lay the rails

1.1.2. forced safety practices ensure tracks did not collide to each other

2. Industrial Growth

2.1. connect cities and rural areas

2.1.1. Transport products to cities Agricultural Industry switch to subsistence crops to cash crops fewer deaths growth in population Fishing industry country people -> get jobs in city

3. Transportation

3.1. cheaper

3.1.1. Sub task

3.1.2. Sub task

3.1.3. Sub task

3.2. reducing time traveling by 90%

3.2.1. Sub task

3.2.2. Sub task

3.2.3. Sub task

3.3. country people -> get jobs in the city

4. Economically

4.1. Created new jobs

4.1.1. railroad workers

4.1.2. miners

4.2. increase of consumers who can afford goods

4.2.1. increased production

4.2.2. lowered price of products

4.2.3. companies seek for more inventions increase in quality of living increase consumer market proliferation in new technologies