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Media Runner by Mind Map: Media Runner

1. Be able to operate under pressure

2. The job of a runner is to run errands for the employer, most of the time they need to be reliable and creative in the sector which they're doing

3. Much of the time the runners have to be organised and be able to have lots of confidence in talking to the employer, or crew and cast if they're a production runner

4. Usually you'd be doing this level of post for between 6 months to 2 years with long hours, often unsociable hours, but some posts can be short fixed term for the life of a shoot alone and so could only be for a matter of weeks..

5. Low pay of between £8,000 and £19,000 for a level 4 media graduate

6. There are several different types of runners such as a production runner, an art department runner or a facilities runner, each of which requires the same personal qualities, but require different skills or background training and qualifications. For instance, a production runner would have a level 4 media qualification or background experience, whereas an art runner an Art illustration or graphics degree.

7. Many people who are working in the media industry start off in this role and from there the runner can get news on how to get the promotion and you can get the employer's trust and then be recommended for other posts or learn about other jobs by 'word of mouth'.