Sister splashed water on you

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Sister splashed water on you by Mind Map: Sister splashed water on you

1. Why were you sleeping in the afternoon?

1.1. When I came back home, I was exhausted and decided to have a nap in the afternoon.

2. Why did your sister splash water on you?

2.1. My sister splashed water on me as there was a fire and she did not know what to do.

3. Development

3.1. What went through your mind?

3.1.1. A thought of getting burnt by the fire and dying in the house went through my mind.

3.2. What did you do next?

3.2.1. I decided to fill buckets with water and to splash the water on the fire, hoping to extinguish the fire.

3.3. What did your sister do next?

3.3.1. My sister, after observing what I was doing, did the same thing as we tried to extinguish the fire.

4. Complication/Climax (Most exciting part)

4.1. The most exciting part is to watch the firemen put out the fire as my sister and I jumped on the trampoline that the firemen laid down on the floor to save us.

5. Resolution

5.1. What happened next? How was the problem solved?

5.1.1. The fire was extinguished by the firemen called by our neighbour, Mr Lee, who had noticed smoke coming out of my room and realized it was a fire.

6. Conclusion

6.1. How did the characters feel/think of the story?

6.1.1. How the firemen put out the fire was amazing. When I grow up, my ambition too is to become a fireman and put out fires.