Science technology and society

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Science technology and society by Mind Map: Science technology and  society

1. describe how technology has affected the ways families live

1.1. Faster way to get things

1.1.1. Results on exam taken by a doctor

1.1.2. Google maps for location which is faster then regular maps

1.2. Jobs have been changing over time

1.2.1. compare and contrast on the labor now and labor then

1.3. We now use technology in our every day lives

1.3.1. computers

1.3.2. Cell phones

1.3.3. Cars

1.3.4. Cameras

1.4. Show students pictures of old technology and new technology

1.4.1. Use ven diagram to compare what they see

1.4.2. Students will write on journals entry on how it affects families, how they think it affects families

1.4.3. Interview parents to see how it affected them

1.4.4. Match photos old technology with new

1.4.5. Compare their technology to older persons

2. how technology has affected communication, transportation, and recreation

2.1. Video

2.1.1. I see , I hear note taking Think , pair, share with peers

2.2. Discuss as a class why iit benefits or affects us

2.2.1. Compare and contrast the past and the present how it is affected

3. identify individuals who created or invented new technology and understands how technology affects daily life, past and present

3.1. Alexander Graham Bell

3.1.1. Video on fact about inventor worksheet on inventor make own phones out of paper cups to experiment

3.2. Thomas Edison

3.2.1. Read book on Edison Make a fact light bulb shaped booklet

3.3. Garrett Morgan

3.3.1. Discuss who he is Engage students in asking questions Create traffic light