What I have learnt this week

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What I have learnt this week by Mind Map: What I have learnt this week

1. No 2 organisations are the same

1.1. Evolution

1.1.1. Static

1.1.2. Dynamic

1.1.3. Adaptive

1.2. Production focus

1.2.1. Service

1.2.2. Product

1.3. Age

1.3.1. Start up

1.3.2. Mature

1.3.3. Immature

1.4. Reach

1.4.1. Regional

1.4.2. Global

1.4.3. Local

1.4.4. National

1.5. Delivery channel

1.5.1. Face-to-face

1.5.2. Online

1.6. Ownership

1.6.1. Public

1.6.2. Private

1.6.3. Voluntary

1.6.4. Franchise

1.7. Client focus

1.7.1. B2B

1.7.2. B2C

1.8. Implications for the L&D function

2. The golden thread

2.1. A connection between day to day work and...

2.1.1. Organisation purpose

2.1.2. Organisation strategy

2.1.3. Organisation plans

2.1.4. Division / department plans

2.1.5. Team plans

2.1.6. Individual objectives

3. Learning philosophy

3.1. An inspirational statement which defines key characteristics about a vision for learning with in organisation

3.1.1. Why learning is vital? Drive strategy? Drive goals? Drive performance? Drive innovation? Drive competitive advantage?

3.1.2. What learning is essential and desirable? Ensuring key competencies? Skills? Competencies? Audit requirements? Existing needs? Future needs? What informs priorities?

3.1.3. Who is responsible in the learning process? Everyone in the organisation to engage? Some roles have particular needs and priorities? Who is responsible for what?

3.1.4. When can learning be undertaken? Organisation promote a lifelong learning process? L&D more important at particular times? Induction? Promotion to management roles? During organisational change? Only during work hours? Outside of work hours too?

3.1.5. Where can learning be undertaken? Face to face settings? In the flow of work? Using technology? Are formal and informal learning both recognised? Workshops? Naturally occurring coaching sessions?

3.1.6. How is learning designed and facilitated? Learning informed by insights and data Consider unique learner needs Increase motivation and impact in context Measure effectiveness throughout the learning process Quantitative & qualitative feedback Design and deploy repidly Learning accessible at any time and / or place Must include time for pre-thinking, experimentation and reflection Create multimedia environments Learning informed by behavioural science Must generate an interesting and anxiety-free environment Room for self-direction and learner exploration Communities an conversation encouraged Support well-being during change

3.2. Establishes a common understanding and expectation of how organisational learning will transform themselves and the organisation itself

3.3. A belief system

3.4. Needs to be communicated in an accessible, meaningful way

3.5. Gives filters to reflect on learning to ensure learning has meaning and purpose