types of media

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types of media by Mind Map: types of media

1. for instance : text and audio or real objects and animation

2. text

2.1. use text to teach most skills and usually combined with other media

3. audio

3.1. you can use audio to gain attention,five feedback, provide details for a PowerPoint, give meaning to a series of images, provide multilingual support, and others

4. visuals

4.1. you can use visuals for identifying objects , classifying objects, showing spatial relationships, preforming psycho motor skills

5. video

5.1. show realism, psychomotor/physical skills, procedures, processes, making abstract concepts

6. animation

6.1. animation can significantly enhance learning, motivation, and attitudes, as well as reduce the time of learning

7. real objects

7.1. real object are used to simplify physical learning and get the idea faster

8. media can be mixed together