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Internet by Mind Map: Internet

1. What is the Internet?

1.1. Definition

1.2. History

2. The huge benefits

2.1. A huge global database

2.2. Connects everyone around the world

2.2.1. Email

2.2.2. Facebook

2.3. There are many services on the Internet.

2.3.1. Online banking

2.3.2. Job search

2.3.3. Movie tickets

2.3.4. Hotel bookings

2.4. Online education

3. Negative impacts and how to avoid

3.1. Distance between relatives and and the connection between people

3.1.1. Measures

3.2. Internet is the most common source to spread the virus

3.2.1. Measures

3.3. The accuracy of the information

3.3.1. Measures