How can I maximise my ward experience?

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How can I maximise my ward experience? by Mind Map: How can I maximise my ward experience?

1. Design or take a cardiology quiz

1.1. Kahoot!

1.2. Survey Monkey

1.3. QuizBean

2. Research a topic of interest and discuss with your mentor

2.1. Cardiac medicines

2.2. Cardiothoracic journals

2.3. Conditions such as heart failure or cardiomyopathy

2.4. Cardiology news

3. Help prepare medicines

3.1. Use MEDUSA to find up to date information

3.2. Help to order stock from WOREQ

3.3. Use the BNF to better understand the drugs being given

4. Suggest or create a ward improvement

4.1. Have you seen something that works well elsewhere?

5. Help prepare patients for discharge

5.1. Gather social information

5.2. Refer to physiotherapy or occupational therapy

5.3. Arrange district nurse cover

5.4. Provide patient leaflets and information to prepare for discharge

5.5. Use PORTERTRAC to arrange patient transfers

5.6. Arrange ambulance transport

6. Help design educational resources

6.1. Research a topic

6.2. Draft a poster

6.3. Gather patient examples to use as case studies

6.4. Prepare a presentation for other students

6.5. Give a teaching session

7. Learn cardiac skills

7.1. Chest pain assessment

7.2. ECG interpretation

7.3. Cardiac medicines

7.4. Fluid monitoring

7.5. Blood result analysis

8. Spend time in other related areas

8.1. Cardiac rehab

8.2. ACS coordinators

8.3. Ward coordinator/sister

8.4. Cardiothoracic surgery

8.5. Coronary Care

8.6. CITU