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Eliza by Mind Map: Eliza

1. Eliza as first step into AI

1.1. What was the importance of Eliza?

1.1.1. Computerized assessments

1.1.2. Was Eliza successful in it's intended use?

1.1.3. Interaction between man and machine

1.2. What was Eliza?

1.2.1. It's creation

1.2.2. Critique

1.2.3. Intended use

2. Future

2.1. Reference the movie 'Her'

2.2. Can everything be computerized?

2.3. What would it mean for humans if everything is computerized?

3. What has it evolved into today?

3.1. Facial recognition and AI progress

3.2. Siri, Alexa, google home.... etc.

3.3. Not just AI but any comm. between man and machine is possible and noteworthy

4. What is AI

4.1. Meaning of Artificial Intelligence

4.1.1. Artificial Intelligence

4.1.2. What constitutes as AI

4.2. Brief origin history

4.3. Mentions of Turing test

4.3.1. Turing Test

5. What is the relationship between a chat-bot and AI

5.1. Computer assisted experiences

5.2. How does Eliza relate to AI