Disorders of Vasculature

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Disorders of Vasculature by Mind Map: Disorders of Vasculature

1. Thrombus

1.1. blood clot that forms within a blood vessel or heart

1.2. Venous

1.2.1. sluggish blood flood, vascular trauma, hyperactivity of blood coagulation

1.3. Arterial

1.3.1. turbulent blood flow conditions, platelet adherence, atherosclerosis

1.4. Cardiac

1.4.1. ineffective heart pumping, formation of vegetation in heart valves

2. Emboli

2.1. blood clot or other small mass that moves until it lodges. Can be fat, air bubbles or clumps of cancer cells

2.2. pulmonary come from deep veins in legs

2.3. systemic normally come from arterial sources, left heart following myocardial infarction

3. Arteriosclerosis

3.1. Atherosclerosis

3.1.1. form of arteriosclerosis where thickening and hardening is due to lipid laden macrophages leading to plaque development

3.1.2. Complications for Coronary artery disease carotid artery: increased stroke risk aortic valves: aneurysm, decreased blood flow aneurysm: increased blood vessel size that can lead to ruptured blood vessel in the brain aortic dissection: false aneurysm caused by a tear in the intima layer allowing blood to flow within the arterial wall

3.2. abnormal thickening and hardening of blood vessel walls

4. Thromboembolism

4.1. thrombus that becomes an embolism and blocks circulation

5. Hypertension

5.1. abnormally high blood pressure

5.2. Primary

5.2.1. no linked cause, thought to be caused by genetics, diet, lack of exercise and obesity

5.3. Secondary

5.3.1. Causes kidney disease heart disease endocrine disease pregnancy

5.3.2. caused by other condition

5.4. Silent Killer= no obvious symptoms