Phrases and Clauses

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Phrases and Clauses by Mind Map: Phrases and Clauses

1. Phrases: a group of words with EITHER a subject (noun) OR a verb - NEVER both!

1.1. Noun phrase: only the noun

1.1.1. e.g. The boy in the striped shoes.

1.2. Verb/verbal phrase: only the verb

1.2.1. e.g. Ran across the field

1.3. Adjectival phrase: adjectives

1.3.1. e.g. with the brown hair and freckles

2. Clauses: a group of words with BOTH a subject (noun) AND a verb - ALWAYS both!

2.1. Independent/Main clause

2.1.1. Can stand alone (makes sense alone)

2.1.2. No subordinating conjunction all other conjunctions other than FANBOYS (co-ordinating)

2.1.3. I am happy today.

2.2. Dependent/Subordinate clause

2.2.1. Can't stand alone (makes no sense)

2.2.2. Has a subordinating conjunction Not co-ordinating (NOT FANBOYS) NOT for, and. nor. but. or. yet, so because, although, until

2.2.3. because I won the Lotto!