Content Marketing Strategy - The App Labb

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Content Marketing Strategy - The App Labb by Mind Map: Content Marketing Strategy - The App Labb

1. Creating customer-centric and solution-oriented articles

1.1. Phase I: Product or Service Awareness

1.2. Phase II: Lead Generation

1.3. Phase III: Get the Visitors to Sign-Up

1.4. Phase IV - Extensive Email Marketing Campaign to nurture leads

2. Creating infographic content for the visual appeal

2.1. Video

2.2. Static

3. Improve on-site SEO - Extensively needed

4. Customer involvement marketing strategy - Upsell new solutions or Send our News Digest every 15 days or so

5. Referral marketing strategy

6. Partnered marketing program

6.1. Design, Development, Small Development Agencies

7. Business networking programs

8. Types of Content

8.1. Blogs

8.2. White Papers

8.3. Case Studies

8.4. User Generated Content / Reviews

8.5. Behind the scene interviews with Coders / Product Managers / Authority Position Holders

8.6. Information content based on new tech, existing tech used by decision makers

8.7. Any New App being under development

8.8. Create Video Strategy

8.9. Video for all solutions

8.10. Child sites / Micro website strategy

8.11. Influencer marketing with clients if possible

8.12. Cross platform partnerships with Content

8.13. CEO profile Marketing