What I've learned in ED 230

What I've learned in ED230

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What I've learned in ED 230 by Mind Map: What I've learned in ED 230

1. Diigo

1.1. Outliners, how to use

1.1.1. How to copy and paste links to return to later on

1.2. How to save resources for later use

1.3. How it helps you professionally

1.3.1. How I can use this tool as a future teacher

1.4. How to bookmark

1.4.1. and why it's important/valuable

2. Technology use in the classroom

2.1. How it affects learning positively/negatively

2.1.1. Cellphones in the classroom

2.2. How to keep educators informed and knowledgeable about their equiptment

3. Reputable research

3.1. Egan Library

3.1.1. How to find Scholarly articles

4. How to properly cite sources

4.1. The Owl Purdue

4.1.1. APA/MLA formats

4.2. using Diigo to save these sources for later, using the bookmark feature

5. This course and how to navigate our class website

5.1. How to find what is expected for assignments, I.E. Rubrics

5.2. Where our due dates are listed

5.3. "Ask Amanda" when we have questions

5.4. How and where to post blogs and how to communicate/interact with our classmates

6. Safe and ethical use of technology in the classroom

6.1. how to keep students safe and why it's important to teach them how and why to protect their information

6.2. Maintaining equitable access to technology and why it's important

7. What standards are

7.1. how to meet them using our assignments and where to find them within our course website

8. What a group wiki is

8.1. How communication with classmates is possible and beneficial in an online setting

8.1.1. how to facilitate communication with an online communication forum. Like discussion board.

8.1.2. how to incorporate this tool into your own classroom as a teacher later on

9. Concept Mapping

9.1. What it is

9.2. How to use it

9.3. Why it's important to try out different platforms and see which works best for you