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1. Context/Situation

1.1. Number of girls married before the age of 18

1.1.1. average 35 girls/min get married of before age of 18

1.1.2. the situation happened not only in developing countries but in developed countries

1.2. The bad affects of child marriage

1.2.1. physical health

1.2.2. mental health

1.2.3. social-economy burden

1.2.4. poor life of the next generation

1.3. Personal story

1.3.1. How I am motivated to fight against child marriage and achieve my American dream thanks to supporting from charity organization

2. Task/Objective

2.1. Stop child marriage as girls have the right to live their own "normal" life.

3. How to present well

3.1. Eye contact

3.2. Speak slowly

3.3. Maintain normal voice volume

3.4. Understand the flow well

3.5. Closure: Apart from call to action, the presenter is recommended to explain how to donate

3.6. Manage time well

4. Actions

4.1. Announce to authority if you see any child marriage

4.2. Share the information to many more people

4.3. Donate $11 for 11 children not to be bride