Roald Dahl ”Boy” Thwaites

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Roald Dahl ”Boy” Thwaites by Mind Map: Roald Dahl ”Boy” Thwaites

1. Knowledgeable

1.1. p.33 The bicycle and the sweet shop

1.1.1. You might think a question like this would have baffled Thwaites. But Thwaites would never be baffled. 'My father says Tonsil Tickers were invented for dangerous prisoners in jail,' he said, 'They give them one each meal and the chloroform makes them sleepy and stops them rioting.'

2. well-respected

2.1. p. 39 Mr Coombes

2.1.1. Even Thwaites was unable to offer a reasonable explanation.

3. irresponsible

3.1. p. 40 Mr Coombes

3.1.1. For a moment or two my own heart stopped beating. Thwaites pointed a finger at me and said darkly, 'I'm afraid you've killed her.' 'Me?' I cried. 'Why just me?' 'It was your idea,' he said. 'And what's more, you put the mouse in.'

4. Cautious

4.1. p. 38 Mr Coombes

4.1.1. 'Don't,' Thwaites said firmly. 'It's to dangerous. Walk past as though nothing happened.'