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Schools tour by Mind Map: Schools tour

1. job roles

1.1. Guitarist

1.2. drummer

1.3. bassist

1.4. singer

1.5. backup singer

2. skills

2.1. communication

2.2. confidence

2.3. time management

2.4. good guitar playing skills

2.5. good planning and organisation skills

3. songs to perform

3.1. Counting stars

3.2. x's and o's

3.3. snap out of it

4. planning considerations

4.1. practise songs to cover at the schools for the tour.

4.2. make sure to record our practise sessions and get feedback form my group about my playing

4.3. i will bring my own instruments and cables for our rehearsals

5. practical considerations

5.1. health and safety

5.2. Need to have equipment

5.2.1. amps

5.2.2. mics

5.2.3. cables

5.2.4. drum kit

5.3. practise to move around a lot on stage and be more energetic by interacting with the audience.

5.4. See how much space there is on stage before performing to be more aware of my surroundings

5.5. i need to practise frequently to play these accurately for when rehearse

5.6. make sure everyone is up to date with practising the songs so we can play them fully

6. technical considerations

6.1. create a floor plan for our performances so the tech students know where everything needs to be.

6.2. Provide a list of all the equipment we need as well as backup equipment e.g cables and leads.

6.3. make sure to understand what to do when doing sound checks

6.4. i will bring my own instrument and cables to the shows