Past Tenses

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Past Tenses by Mind Map: Past Tenses

1. Past Simple

2. Forming

2.1. Affirmative

2.1.1. I/you waited. I/you ate.

2.1.2. he/she/it waited. he/she/it ate.

2.1.3. we/you/they waited. we/you/they ate.

2.2. Negative

2.2.1. I/you did not wait. I/you did not eat.

2.2.2. he/she/it did not wait. he/she/it did not eat.

2.2.3. we/you/they did not wait. we/you/they did not eat.

2.3. Question

2.3.1. Did I/you wait? Did I/you eat?

2.3.2. Did he/she/it wait? Did he/she/it eat?

2.3.3. Did we/you/they wait? Did we/you/they eat?

3. Using

3.1. Actions that started and finished in the past.

3.1.1. He sent the e-mail yesterday.

3.2. Actions that happened one after the other in the past.

3.2.1. She opened the door, picked up the telefone and made a call.

3.3. Actions that were repeated or were habits in the past.

3.3.1. I caught the early train every morning

4. Past Continious

5. Past Perfect Simple

6. Past Perfect Continuous