SaaS PXQ Automation

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SaaS PXQ Automation by Mind Map: SaaS PXQ Automation

1. Phase 1 - Identifying universe containing only the cases that had manual intervention

1.1. Oct 25th

1.2. - Universe will consist in rebills and invoices. - Universe query is being fixed (eliminating non-SaaS transactions and zero dollar, for example) as well as mapping cases to be considered. - DSW SAP connection is done. - Developing checks between the results of the query on the SAP to find the manual intervention on the pricing applied.

2. Phase 2 - From Manual pricing applied identify types of orders and define testing for each of them

2.1. Nov 5th

2.2. - Mapping the types of orders with manual interventions to define the kind of documentation we will check for each transaction

3. Phase 3 - Program automated testing based on types of order

3.1. Nov 30th

3.2. - Depending on Phase 2 to define step-by-step.