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OFFER by Mind Map: OFFER


1.1. SECTION 4(1) ; An offer becomes effective when it reaches the offeree

1.1.1. Clear : Ahmad Meah Anor v Nacodah Merican -An agreement to build -held by court -vague to create a binding contract

1.1.2. Communicated : Williams v Carwardine Defendant : Publish a handbill pay of $20 for info about the murder of Walter Carwardine Informant : Got beaten by William believing she's going to die -gave out info as revenge, but didn't get rewarded Court decision : Entitled for the reward as she's seen the handbill


2.1. -A proposal for concluding a contract addressed to one or more specific person

2.2. -Sufficiently definite

2.3. -Indicates the OFFEROR'S intention

2.4. -To be bound in case of acceptance

2.5. SECTION 2(a) : CONTRACTS ACT 1950

2.5.1. readiness of the offeror to create legal relation

2.5.2. terms & regulation

2.5.3. agreed by the acceptor


3.1. Specific

3.1.1. according to Section 2(b)

3.1.2. offer -> acceptance

3.2. Public

3.2.1. anyone who fulfils the condition/act of performing


4.1. SECTION 5(1) : An offeror can be end at any time before the communication of its acceptance is complete against the proposer but afterwards.

4.2. 6 elements :

4.2.1. -withdrawal

4.2.2. -revocation

4.2.3. -rejection

4.2.4. -lapse of time

4.2.5. -fails to fulfil condition

4.2.6. -by replying the offer -addition -modification -limitations