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1.Assessment by Mind Map: 1.Assessment

1. 2. Interim/Benchmark

1.1. Evaluates students performance at different intervals, frequently at the end of a grading period. Can predict on end-of -year summative tests.

1.1.1. Examples

2. 3. Summative

2.1. Used to evaluate learning progress and achievement at the conclusion of a specific instructional period—usually at the end of a project, unit, course, semester, program, or school year.

2.1.1. Examples

3. 4. Performance

3.1. Assessments that allow students to demonstrate their understandings and skills as they perform a certain activity. They are evaluated by a teacher on their ability to perform specific tasks.

3.1.1. Example

4. 5. Diagnostic

4.1. Assesses a student's strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and skills prior to instruction.

4.1.1. Examples

5. H.O.T. Questions

5.1. Opening Questions

5.1.1. How can you describe a solid, liquid, or gas?

5.1.2. What properties of solids, liquids, and gases make them different?

5.2. Guiding Question

5.2.1. How is a solid similar to a liquid?

5.2.2. How does temperature affect matter?

5.3. Closing Questions

5.3.1. What information about the properties of matter can be gathered by observation?

5.3.2. How does temperature affect matter?

6. 1. Formative

6.1. This discovers what students know while they're still in the process of learning it. This will tell us if it's time to move on or stay and reteach.

6.1.1. Examples