How to Survive First Year at Western

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How to Survive First Year at Western by Mind Map: How to Survive First Year at Western

1. Academic/Wellness Tips & Resources

1.1. Provide on-campus resources, such as the Wellness Centre, the Writing Support Centre, and Sophs

2. Exercise/Fitness Tips

2.1. Share tips on how to avoid getting the "freshman 15", exercises that they can do at home or in their dorms, and provide information on the Rec Centre

3. About Me/My First Year

3.1. Introduce myself and share my personal first year experience (I can also share some pictures from my first year here, including O-Week photos and the fun events/activities I was a part of at Western)

4. Budgeting Tips

4.1. Tips on how to make their meal plans last the whole year and exploring student discounts on campus and in London

5. Entertainment in Western/London

5.1. Share unique places that they can explore with friends on-campus and outside of the Western bubble, such as Western Film, the Cardboard Cafe, and Victoria Park