The role of HR has evolved

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The role of HR has evolved by Mind Map: The role of HR has evolved

1. past

1.1. Payroll

1.2. Leave

1.3. Poloicymaking

1.4. Training

2. present

2.1. Technology and social media happened

2.1.1. The employer brand was born.

2.1.2. Employee shared with a captive online audience

2.1.3. It starts online First things a prospective job candidate do is run a search on you, not just your company They are looking at as the head of HR .

2.1.4. Actively op speakers hundred upon thousands of qualified candidates

2.1.5. No longer have to wait for the right CD

2.1.6. Your employees were also increasingly becoming a valuable source of recruitment

2.1.7. Also opened up own overwhelming world of data to HR leaders So much opportunity to the decision-making process You just have to make sense a little because you need to be an analyst and an insights person.

2.2. The head of HR

2.2.1. Need to be a communications expert and motivator.