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Schools Tour by Mind Map: Schools Tour

1. Target Audience

1.1. The age demographic of the audience whom we are performing to consists of 12-16 years old. This is due to the tour focusing on local highschools

2. Setlist

2.1. Our setlist currently consists of 4 songs, of which 2 are covers. Shutdown and Old Yellow Bricks (covers); Cracked and Angel (originals)

2.1.1. These songs are ideal for such an audience due to them being very energetic songs, allowing them to retain the attention of the audience.

3. Equipment required

3.1. Myself

3.1.1. Guitar, Amplifier, Jack leads, Loop pedal

3.2. College

3.2.1. PA System, Microphones

3.3. Needed Equipment

3.3.1. I must purchase a tuning pedal in preparation for the event.

4. Sound Checks

4.1. I must communicate and work with Tech students in preparation for sound checks, letting them know what is required for our set.

5. Rehearsals

5.1. Chord charts, lyrics, rehearsal footage. Set aside time to efficiently rehearse as a band.

6. Schedule

6.1. Sound checks, arrival time, rehearsals, set time. Transporting equipment.

7. Logistics

7.1. Planning travel, how and when we shall arrive to the venues.

8. Skills

8.1. I need to perfect pinch harmonics in preparation to performing 'Cracked' live.

8.2. I need to allow time for my finger to adjust for bar chords (since it is broken)