Schools tour plan

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Schools tour plan by Mind Map: Schools tour plan

1. Skills required

1.1. One of skills i required for the schools tour is to be able to tune the drum kit we'll be using so that it's sounding as good as possible.

1.2. Another key skill for performing is being ready with a set, stage plan and for the actual performance. Engaging the audience is a key skill that most up and coming bands can't do as it's not just up to one of the members to talk to the audience, if communication isn't the thing you feel comfortable doing then at least look as if you're enjoying the performance whilst on stage.

2. Planning considerations

2.1. I've been listening to the pieces we've decided to play and been working out the drum parts for them.

2.2. We made a list of cover songs to perform and rated them all out of 10 on how much we wanted to do them.

3. Technical considerations

3.1. The drum kit and how we would be transporting it.

3.2. I have to consider what parts of the kit are needed for not only myself but the other drummers playing on the schools tour. For example: extra cymbal stands, mid tom (i prefer to play with two toms) and what cymbals we all want to use.

4. Practical considerations

4.1. For the practical side of the schools tour we have to consider what covers we can perform that the audience will recognise and will be wanting to listen to as it will engage them a lot better than playing something that they don't know.

4.2. We also have to consider the lyrics that are sang in the song as it has to be child friendly so we may have to alter some lyrics.