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Byron by Mind Map: Byron

1. Family

1.1. Dad

1.1.1. Hard to work with

1.2. Mom

1.2.1. Strong relationship

1.3. JoDee

1.3.1. Strong relationship

1.3.2. A lot older than me

1.3.3. Her husband is difficult to work with and does not like us

1.3.4. Kids Lydia Cora Close to her Alison Calder I am an example

1.4. John

1.4.1. Difficult to work with

1.4.2. Adopted Feel like he does not belong

1.5. Ian

1.5.1. Weak relationship

1.5.2. grew up close in age Always fighting

1.6. Luke

1.6.1. When young he liked Ian the most Strong relationship now

1.6.2. I have always been very protective of him

1.7. Maddie

1.7.1. wife

1.7.2. still early in marriage

1.8. Maddie's Family

1.8.1. Tim Marital advice Great example Strong relationship

1.8.2. Carey Weak relationship

1.8.3. Kyle Shy and quite Awkward

1.8.4. Lloyd Know him very little

1.8.5. Britta Kind of a brat Gets her way

1.8.6. Cami As long as I have known her she has had it rough, overcome a lot

1.9. Pet

1.9.1. Great help for my wife

2. Friends

2.1. Mission

2.1.1. Matt Coles Been my closest friends since we met A lot of interaction Close friends with him and his wife and we baby sit their child so much that they seem like family

2.2. High School

2.2.1. Jacob Oldest friend Dislike his wife Lots of life talks Been there for most of my major life events

2.2.2. DJ Closest friend Had a rough couple years Lots of life talks Been there for most of my major life events

2.2.3. Trace Family Member I helped him to come here to BYUI I helped him find his wife Been there for most of my major life events

2.2.4. Dalton Closer since high school Always with him and his family Twin boys

2.2.5. Austin I helped him go on a mission Worked with him Set him up with his wife His wife has been a large reason that he is no longer strong in the church

2.2.6. Tanner Selfish We do not interact much Very close high school friend

2.2.7. Kohl Lived together at school Britt Left BYUI

2.3. Other

2.3.1. Brad Close friend Business ideas Helped me a lot with issues Close interaction with wife and her needs

2.4. Summer of 2016

2.4.1. Summer Sales

2.4.2. Ruined friendship of Jordan and Devin

2.4.3. Money Selfish Hurricane

3. BYU-Idaho

3.1. New friends

3.2. School

3.2.1. Difficult I can do hard things

3.2.2. Time

3.3. Officiating high school athletics

3.3.1. Learn great skills for when I am a coach

3.3.2. Built connections

4. Work Environment

4.1. CDL

4.1.1. Great for the futrure

4.2. Great pay

4.2.1. Provide for my family and can start a family

4.3. Tough People to work with

4.3.1. Lane

4.3.2. Jim

4.3.3. Jaren

4.4. Great people to work with

4.4.1. Kevin

4.4.2. Harry

4.4.3. Ralph Helped me to want to stay in school

4.5. Learned a lot for my future ranch

4.6. Helped friends to get jobs, and maybe even family

5. Church