Simple past tense

Mapa sobre el pasado simple- Inglés B1- Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia

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Simple past tense by Mind Map: Simple past tense

1. Uses

1.1. 1. The simple past is used to talk about a concrete action that began and ended in the past. In this case equivalent to the Spanish indefinite past. Basically, we use it with adverbs of time like "last year", "yesterday", "last night" ...

1.1.1. Examples

1.2. 2. The simple past is used for a series of actions in the past.

1.2.1. Example

1.3. 3. We also use it for repeated or habitual actions in the past, as the past Spanish imperfect is used.

1.3.1. Example

1.4. 4. We use it for stories or actions of long periods of time in the past, such as the past Spanish imperfect.

1.4.1. Example

1.5. 5. Se utiliza para hablar de generalidades o hechos del pasado.

1.5.1. Example

2. Estructure

2.1. 1. Affirmative Sentences

2.1.1. Example

2.2. 2. Negative Sentences

2.2.1. Example

2.3. 3. Interrogative Sentences

2.3.1. Example

3. Pronunciation

4. Form

4.1. Exceptions

4.1.1. 1. For verbs that end in an “e”, we only add “-d”.

4.1.2. 2. If the verb ends in a short vowel and a consonant (except "y" or "w"), we double the final consonant.

4.1.3. 3. With verbs ending in a consonant and a "y", the "y" is changed to an "i".