Non Silicate minerals

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Non Silicate minerals by Mind Map: Non Silicate minerals

1. Hematite is a very important source of Iron. Since the dawn of the Iron Age, Hematite has been used as the primary source of Iron, to build weapons, railroad lines, buildings. It has also gifted us with the color red. Most red pigments from red lipstick to fire trucks and rusted scrap iron are composed of hematite.

2. Calcite is used by most of the invertebrate organisms use to construct their shells and other hard parts. It appears in a range of colors as is visible on the colorful seashells. Humans also rely on Calcite to construct many hard substances like marble, plaster, mortar, and cement. It is also used in various medicines and animal feed.

3. Halite is used as food seasoning and to melt ice off winter roads. Halite is formed from the evaporation of seawater.

4. Gypsum is used to form plaster which is used in various industries like dentistry, art and construction. In the construction industry, one of the main modern uses of gypsum is the manufacture of plasterboard (drywall).

5. Pyrite gemstones can be used to create sparks if it is struck against metal or another hard material. Due to similar appearance to Gold, it is also known as "fool's gold". It is used to make ornaments.

6. Gold's primary use is to make ornaments. Gold is a highly valued metal. Gold has very high luster and bright yellow color and it is also very malleable. Gold is also a great conductor so it's used to small electronics too.