Copy of Id, Superego,Ego

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Copy of Id, Superego,Ego by Mind Map: Copy of Id, Superego,Ego

1. Cars

1.1. Id-Mercades

1.1.1. Superego-Electric Cars Ego- Hybrid Cars

2. Country

2.1. Id-North Korea

2.1.1. Ego-Canada Superego- France

3. TV programs

3.1. Id- Two and a half Men

3.1.1. Ego-The Cosby Show Superego- Veggie Tales

4. Careers

4.1. Id- Disney Character Mascot

4.1.1. Superego- Pastor/ Charity worker Ego- Psychologist

5. Film

5.1. Id- Grown-ups

5.1.1. Superego- Evan Almighty Ego- Bruce Almighty

6. Heroes

6.1. Id- Syndrome

6.1.1. Superego-Superman Ego- Spiderman

7. Heroines

7.1. Id- The Wicked Witch of the West

7.1.1. Ego-Elastagirl Superego- Erin Brokovich

8. Cities

8.1. Id- Mexico City

8.1.1. Ego- Tokyo Superego- Seattle

9. Songs

9.1. Id- Girls just want to have fun

9.1.1. Ego- Jesus take the wheel Superego- Amazing Grace

10. Experiences

10.1. Id- Asking my mom to drive me to my ballet class, despite the fact that she was sick.

10.1.1. Superego- Recycling plastic bottles at home. Ego- Donating to Charity.