Trucking Regulations

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Trucking Regulations by Mind Map: Trucking Regulations

1. Regulations can also include environmental protections.

1.1. California has some of the strictest emission requirements in the country. They have the term "California Compliant" because of this issue. If a truck is not certified compliant it will be fined heavily and shut down if it enters the state.

1.2. Some cities and states ban trucks from idling. This can make it very uncomfortable for drivers in the summer or winter.

2. Roadside inspections can be time consuming, and costly.

2.1. A truck can be placed out of service until an issue is fixed. The driver may be placed out of service until their rest requirements are met also. The loss in productivity can be very costly, plus the fines on top of that.

3. Trucking Regulations can be extremely burdensome.

4. Regulations are necessary for the safety of the public.

4.1. Trucking regulations limit how many hours a driver can work in a day, a week, and ensure a minimum rest break.

4.2. Every year the roads, rails, and the air get safer due to regulations. If the operator follows the regulations, they should be safer.

4.3. The average number of people killed in traffic accidents has declined over the last two decades.

5. FMCSA also known as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets guidelines for the transportation industry.

5.1. The FMCSA was established on January 1st, 2000.

6. The Department of Transportation covers more than just trucking. It also covers rail, plane, and all other motor vehicle transportation