Activity (Asset) Management Plan

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Activity (Asset) Management Plan by Mind Map: Activity (Asset) Management Plan

1. What are the key objectives?

1.1. Secure funding

1.1.1. Forecast investment

1.1.2. Provide options - varying levels of investment

1.2. Document expected levels of service

1.3. Document our Asset Management Practices

1.3.1. Provide option analysis

1.3.2. Provide levels of service acheived

1.3.3. Planning for the future

1.4. Provides an explanation of assets

1.4.1. What are they?

1.4.2. What is the function?

1.4.3. What is the condition?

1.5. Explanation of the environment in which we operate

1.6. Provides an understanding of risk

1.6.1. What are the risks?

1.6.2. What are the various options to address these risks?

1.6.3. What are the investment levels required for each option

1.7. Provide our expert recommended way forward

2. Who is the target audience?

2.1. Elected members - Investment

2.2. NZTA - Investment

2.3. The public

2.4. T&I Business Unit

2.5. Broader WCC - Finance, Transport Planning etc.

3. How should it be communicated?

3.1. Presention to NZTA

3.2. Presentation to ELT

3.3. Once Plan is approved

3.3.1. Internal publishing

3.3.2. Publish on website

3.3.3. Produce "mini" versions for key stakeholders

4. Who are the key role players?

4.1. Transport Assets Team

4.1.1. Data Team Asset Information Condition of assets High Level Asset Management Approach Overall AM responsibility

4.1.2. Maintenance, Streetlights & Furniture, Structures, Growth & Cleansing & Resurfacing Risks associated with maintenance activities Options to address these risks Forecasting required expenditure Programming of works

4.1.3. Manager Transport & Infrastructure Recommends the Plan

4.1.4. Transport Assets Manager Overall accountability of producing the plan

4.2. Stakeholders (input into the plan)

4.2.1. NZTA

4.2.2. The public

4.2.3. Elected Members

4.2.4. Broader WCC

4.2.5. LGWM

4.3. Executive Leadership Team

4.3.1. Approves the Plan

4.4. External Guidance

4.4.1. Government Policy Statements

4.4.2. Guidance from MOT

4.4.3. Legislation