Plate Tectonics

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Plate Tectonics by Mind Map: Plate Tectonics

1. Earth's Plates

1.1. Eurasian plate

1.2. Australian-Indian plate

1.3. Philippine plate

1.4. Pacific plate

1.5. Juan de Fuca plate

1.6. Naca plate

1.7. Cocos plate

1.8. North American plate

1.9. Caribbean plate

1.10. South American plate

1.11. African plate

1.12. Arabian plate

1.13. Antarctic plate

1.14. Scotia plate

2. The Earth's Surface

2.1. The Crust

2.1.1. Oceanic Crust

2.1.2. Continental Crust

2.2. Rocky Mantle

2.2.1. Upper Mantle

2.2.2. Lower Mantle

3. Plate Movements

3.1. Divergence

3.1.1. movement of two oceanic plates away from each other (at a divergent plate boundary), which results in the formation of new oceanic crust

3.2. Convergence

3.2.1. When two plates collide (at a convergent plate boundary), some crust is destroyed in the impact and the plates become smaller.

3.3. Lateral Slipping

3.3.1. When two plates move sideways against each other (at a transform plate boundary), there is a tremendous amount of friction which makes the movement jerky

4. Continental Drift

5. Earthquakes

6. Volcanoes

7. Mountain Range Formations

8. Oceanic Trenches