Validity & Reliability

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Validity & Reliability by Mind Map: Validity & Reliability

1. Test questions should correspond to what will be on the test

2. Concurrent Criterion related validity evidence

2.1. Deals with measures administered at the same time as the measure to be validated

2.2. Outcome is a numeric value; correlation coefficient

2.3. Correlation between the established test and the new test using test scores of each

2.4. Can determine advantages of using new test versus established test

3. Validity evidence

3.1. Does the test measure what it is suppose to measure?

3.2. Are test scores consistent?

4. Content Validity Evidence

4.1. Only shows if the test looks good and not if the test items are written poorly

4.2. Not used to as a guarantee of a good test but more of a minimum requirement in determining the usefulness of the test

5. Predictive Validity Evidence

5.1. Determines how well a test will read future behaviors of test takers

5.2. Measures test takers on what the test will tell about the test takers after a period of time has gone by

5.3. Example: State Realtor Exam will allow the State to decide who can become a realtor

6. Review

6.1. Is test applicable for intended purpose?

6.2. Does test measure what is supposed to be measured?

6.3. Does test do what it was intended to do?