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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Formative

1.1. Definition

1.2. Examples

2. Interim/Benchmark

2.1. Definition

2.2. Examples

3. Summative

3.1. Definition

3.2. Examples

4. Performance

4.1. Definition

4.2. Examples

5. Diagnostic

5.1. Definition

5.2. Examples

6. H.O.T. Questions

6.1. Squares

6.2. Opening Questions

6.2.1. What do you know about a square?

6.2.2. How is a square similar to a triangle?

6.2.3. How is a square different than a triangle?

6.3. Guiding Questions

6.3.1. How many sides does a square have?

6.3.2. What can you infer about the angles of a square?

6.4. Closing Questions

6.4.1. What other shape looks like a square?

6.4.2. What can you infer about the similarities and differences between a square and a rectangle?

6.4.3. Design a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast a square and a triangle.