Short Term Objectives (6-12 months)

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Short Term Objectives (6-12 months) by Mind Map: Short Term Objectives  (6-12 months)

1. better use of time

1.1. staffing

1.1.1. review specialist job description

1.1.2. script out transition plan Francisco, Terri

1.1.3. identify new candidate

1.2. automation

1.2.1. standardization update models reporting communications ePerspectives correpsondence schedule admin processes electronic docs disciplined paper management salesforce

1.2.2. clarifying division of labor

1.3. book alignment

1.3.1. book cleanout

1.3.2. lead advisor strategy

2. meeting ML requirements and metrics

2.1. Growth Grid

2.2. Client Engagement

3. financial analysis

3.1. map out split calc methodology

3.2. look at client profitability

4. prospecting

4.1. develop referral script

4.2. build into schedule and reviews

4.3. pursue identified low hanging fruit

4.4. FSA