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1. PK: Knowledge of my own personal biography through memory (memory)

1.1. SK: Me and my sister learning how to fully read our first book together when we were young. (memory)

2. PK: Knowledge of myself- How I might react in certain situations (sense perception)

2.1. SK: How I would react when in a burning house. (Someone told me)

2.2. SK: How I would react when facing a breakaway in Ice Hockey. (memory)

3. PK: Knowledge of mental states and emotions that I feel. (Sense perception)

3.1. SK: How I would feel after doing really well or really bad on a test. (Sense perception)

4. PK: Knowledge of other people- what they might be thinking and how they will react. (sense perception)

4.1. My siblings and I know what would happen if my mom caught us doing something illegal (not that we ever did). (someone told me)