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learning by Mind Map: learning

1. involves the acquisition, from experience,of new, knowledge,skills, or responses, that results in a relatively permanent change in the state of the learner.

2. classical conditioning

2.1. when a neutral stimulus produces a response after being paired with a stimulus that naturally produces a response

2.2. Pavlov's findings; making a dog salivate experiment & little albert ex.

2.3. stimulus vs. response

3. operant conditioning

3.1. type of learning in which the consequence of an organism behavior determine whether it will repeat that behavior in the future

3.2. thorndike findings: instrumental behaviors (the law of effect)

3.3. skinner: reinforce vs. punisher (learning right from wrong)

4. observational learning: watching or seeing others

5. implicit learning

5.1. that takes place largely independent of awareness of both the process and products of info inquisition