What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

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What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like? by Mind Map: What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

1. Connecting to the real world

1.1. Academic Rigor

1.1.1. Rigour from High Tech High http://vimeo.com/16374899

1.1.2. integrate what students like/ passion about to the the curriculum

1.1.3. Students act and being like a scientist, historian, journalist rather than just studying on the textbooks

1.2. Authenticity

1.2.1. engage

1.2.2. meaningful

1.2.3. connection to the curriculum and see why it is important

2. Move beyond transitional ways of teaching

3. Critical Thinking

3.1. teachers can use it to differentiate students thinking levels

3.1.1. ex: examie images

4. Benchmarks of Historical Thinking

4.1. Establish Historical significance

4.1.1. ex: students take different perspectives and look from other people's point of view

4.2. Use Primary Source Evidence

4.3. Identify Continuity and change

4.4. Analyze cause and consequence

4.5. Take historical perspective

5. Throughline Questioning

5.1. provoke teachers and students to make connection

5.1.1. themselves

5.1.2. subject matter

5.1.3. society they live in

5.1.4. ex: redesign school for 21st century

6. Critical or Dangerous Teaching

7. life skills

8. appropriate use of technology

9. active exploration

9.1. ex: act like a historian by examine the landscape

10. connection with expert

10.1. ex: guest speaker

11. inquiry based unit

11.1. find ways to solve problems involve hands on activities

11.2. diving questions