XHub LT Meet

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XHub LT Meet by Mind Map: XHub LT Meet

1. Digital and IT Strategy

1.1. Tricia Brown

1.2. V1) Fix basics and Future Proof Foundation

1.3. V2) Clearly define the priorities for Digital and Technology in Business Strategy

1.3.1. MMD Business Priorities Michael Thien manufacturing tomorrow Accomplishments Key guiding principles agile process drives right accountability portfolio classification

1.3.2. Exampler priority initiative - Real World Data Exchange Enterprise wide research platform enable analytic ready RWD, compliance and advance analytics Data Assets Users base

1.3.3. Portfolio process (North Star) Change management Communication Trust WIIFM Partnership with Business Clear purpose and intent Just Do It

1.3.4. Prioritizing IT Portfolio (see slide) 3 most critical issues foundational transformation prioritize among business outcomes re-allocate discretionary, non-prioritized spend

1.3.5. Tech-enabled business outcomes (see slide) Leveraging our most impressive asset -data Relentlessly focusing on the consumer Driving outcomes for health systems Unlocking resources for growth

1.4. V3) Adapt Operating Model to drive value

1.4.1. Operating model Design Principles (see slide) Apply Enterprise View while balancing local needs (Think Globally, Act Locally) Design Thinking

1.4.2. 5 key shifts to power transformation (see slide) Integrated outcome based training Architecture as a sustainable, value-add activity Focus on products, agile, and DevOps to transform partnership Innovation and scaling of new capabilities Revitalization of talent and culture

1.5. CIO Jim Communication

1.5.1. Hubs rebrand as "Tech Centers"

1.5.2. Re-emphasize Digital and IT Strategy