what does inquiry look like in social studies?

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what does inquiry look like in social studies? by Mind Map: what does inquiry look like in social studies?

1. Teacher=Rigour: adult rigorusly pursuing inquiry in a area if their subject matter.

1.1. Therefore, as teachers we need to do topics we find interesting, provacative and teach it.

2. authenticity and academic rigour

2.1. Making sure that the lesson is engaging

2.2. Get the students to think and act like different diciplines.

3. Problem solving

3.1. Probes the question of 'why' this is.

3.2. To think about what is important about the topic.

4. Driving question!!!

4.1. Cirriculum based

4.2. Engaging, Engaging

4.3. Open-ended

4.4. Relatable

5. Different ways of thinking

5.1. Critical Thinking

5.1.1. Critiqing our world

5.2. Historical Thinking

5.3. Throughline questioning

5.3.1. Redesigning and rethinking our knowledge.

6. real world/human connection

6.1. Using Cirriculum

6.2. Moving beyond activity

6.3. Researching indepth

6.4. Knowledge that will be used outside classroom.

7. Moving beyond traditional teaching.

7.1. Giving students the tools to develop their own knowledge.

7.1.1. Technology!

7.2. Introducing the topic and then giving the students space to inquire.

7.3. Not only factual and memorisation.