Civilization vs. the Wild

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Civilization vs. the Wild by Mind Map: Civilization vs. the Wild

1. Chris continued his studies at Emory University, majoring in history and anthropology and graduated with honors.

2. He distinguished himself at Emory and was offered membership in Phi Beta Kappa which he declined, insisting that titles and honors were "a 20th century fad".

3. He found it particularly captivating that the great Russian novelist had forsaken a privileged live to wander among the destitute.

4. Chris began his nomadic existence by car, but lost it early on in a flash flood and continued mostly on foot, occasionally hichhiking, hopping on trains, and even canoeing.

5. There he found an abandoned bus to make camp in near Denali National Park, completely and blissfully cut off from the rest of the world.

6. Chris was restless by nature and strong-willed to fault, but nothing ever led his parents to believe he would take off like he did.